International Diversity Day

International Diversity Day

Working more than 40 years in a cultural diverse environment, we, at Ingram Micro, naturally embrace a purpose to contribute in creating a world where everyone has equal rights and equal opportunities to succeed. This underlines our values and makes us as employer of choice.

Ingram Micro Celebrate the International Diversity Day with an event organized by our partners from Jamba

JAMBA is the connection between people with diverse abilities (that’s how we call people with disabilities) in Bulgaria and their future employers! Jamba is a place for education, internship and carrier.


With this event we demonstrated how open we are to learn and adapt our communication skills, the environment we work in and the opportunities we provide.

During the Day, representatives from Jamba led us through a series of activities where we had the chance to Maximize our Senses and go through a whole new journey of self-discovery. At the beginning we learned how to communicate without using any words. Yes, not an easy task, especially when we have to understand other people! After that we moved to even bigger challenge where we had to trust blindly to our colleagues and execute series of task around the office. We tested our senses trying to recognize different aromas by just smelling them. For closing, we hosted an open space where all participants received helpful advices and asked their questions of how to create better environment for everyone.

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Our goal today was to create a space to learn about our differences and appreciate them. Everyone has their straights and should be given the opportunity to demonstrate it and grow it.

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We are very Proud to say that At Ingram Micro, we established and drive a diversity and inclusion mindset by creating awareness and taking actions towards:

  • Create a culture where everyone is valued, and no one is left behind
  • Building bridge to welcome existing and future associates with different abilities, backgrounds and experience
  • Development of internal policies in support of flexibility at work (e.g. Flexible working schedule for parents)
  • Engage with long term absent associates to stay connected and welcome back with individualized onboarding plans What motivate us in further developing our Diversity and Inclusion program is our belief that diversity drives innovation at work and creates a fruitful environment for talent to grow.

We are very happy that one more time we demonstrated that qual mean more!

Thank you to our partners Jamba, for the support and the organization of the event.

Stay tuned for more initiatives coming up . . .