XML Order Create

The Order Request transaction is a real-time transaction that allows customers to place standard product orders with Ingram Micro using XML.

High-level description of Ingram Micro’s distribution cycle:

  1. Order creation – where all the processing parameters are set. Validation is mostly on shipping address, product authorisation, and stock allocation.
  2. Sales validation – orders may be put on a sales hold if any sales revision is required due to pricing, stock or any processing parameters.
  3. Credit validation – once the order has been validated at sales, it goes through a credit check.  If credit is available the order will process without issue.
  4. Warehouse pick and ship – here is where the physical stock is pulled from the different warehouse locations and sent to the delivery bay for collection by the carrier.  All of the shipment information is created at this stage (packing slips, tracking numbers, serial numbers).

The order request transaction specifies typical order information such as who to ship to, where to ship to, which carrier to use for the shipment, what order processing logic should be used, what products, the required quantity of the products and many other key pieces of information.

For Benelux countries use: Benelux-Genesis files
For rest of EMEA use: IM-XML files