Price file

By importing our Price and Product catalogue into your ERP system you will have a clear overview of all the products that we as Ingram Micro are able to offer to you with information like price, stock and expected delivery dates. Our Price and Product catalogue is a combination of multiple CSV (Comma Separated Value) files that we will offer to you on our FTP server

Price file

Contains information like our SKU, VPN, product description, price, stock and expected delivery

Hourly Stock File

Every hour we will offer a file containing updated stock and delivery date information

Category File

This file in combination with the Price File will help you categorize the available products


  • FTP pricing is updated once a day, in the morning, and will not take in to account any price changes that occur later in the day. As a result, Ingram Micro cannot guarantee the product pricing published in the FTP price files. Real-time price and availability is available to our customers via our reseller website, API and IM-XML service.
  • Our Price and Product Catalogue does not contain product specifications or product images. This kind of information is available at a content provider like Etilize or Icecat

XML transactions

The Genesis V2 ASN transaction (also known as Despatch Advice notification in Europe) provides information on orders and goods shipped from the IM distribution centers. It contains information relating to shipments including product, quantity, tracking information, serial numbers, “Ship To” and “Ship From” addresses.

The Invoice transaction contains financial information on invoiced orders reflecting most of the information appearing on standard invoices. It is recommended that the paper invoices should be retained for legal purposes. 

The Order Request transaction is a real-time transaction that allows customers to place standard product orders with Ingram Micro using XML.

There are two options for inquiring about the status of a customer order. Order Status Request and Order Status Push. 

The P&A Request is a real-time transaction that returns information about current pricing of a product and the availability of the product in each of the Ingram Micro’s warehouses.  Further information that is provided is “on-order” amounts and ETA’s for the amounts on order.

For the best result and maximum efficiency we advise to implement the full assortment of offered XML transactions.


  • All IM XML integrations are subject to business approval. Please contact your National Account Manager or Sales Team Manager if you are interested in undertaking IM XML integration



After we receive the application we will contact one of the entered contacts to discuss the requested services and the planned implementation process. You will receive an onboarding kit which will give you a clear overview and detailed explanation on how the requested services work and how they should be implemented. All the requested services will be tested in a test environment with the help of our English-speaking support team. After all the transactions are tested successfully we will move from the test- to the production environment where the transactions can be used for business purposes.

We use an Ingram Micro specific XML setup using the HTTPS POST method.  For the implementation to become a success it is required that you as the reseller have knowledge on how to set up a XML-connection. If you do not possess this knowledge you can choose to make use of an integrator.  Here is a list of Ingram Micro Partner Integrators:

To ensure that the XML transactions are implemented successfully we expect from you as the reseller that the time and resources are available on a short notice to start and fully finish the implementation.

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