API Solution

Ingram Micro’s collection of APIs is our eCommerce solution that uses cutting edge technology allowing business processes and system integration with our partners. Put simply, the API’s will deliver cost reduction and process improvement of day-to-day business activity.

The API’s allow seamless integration of the order process from the customer to Ingram Micro. Customers can empower their purchasing team to have instant access to Ingram Micro’s inventory and can also be used to provide a similar ‘virtual warehouse’ scenario to an end-user website. Data and process flows can be incorporated into a customer’s financial and ordering system, desktop applications and more. 

API’s are a real-time system, which means that transactions are processed within seconds and provide accurate data directly from Ingram Micro’s system. Customers can use the power of the API’s to deliver fast and accurate data internally to their purchasing team and to their customers. High quality, high accuracy and high-speed data allows business decisions to be made with confidence.

ProductSearchAPI is a RESTful API for searching for product identifiers such as Ingram Micro part number, manufacturer part number and UPC/EAN.

MultiSKUPriceAndStockAPI is a RESTful API which provides real-time price and stock availability information for up to 50 product items per call.

OrderCreateAPI is a RESTful API for creating sales orders in Ingram Micro’s ERP system. This API support both stock (ship from Ingram Micro warehouse) and direct (ship from manufacturer) order types.

OrderModifyAPI is a RESTful API for modifying or releasing sales orders on ecommerce customer hold (orders placed with the “allowOrderOnCustomerHold” additional attribute set to true).

OrderDeleteAPI is a RESTful API for deleting existing sales orders in Ingram Micro’s ERP system.

OrderDetailsAPI is a RESTful API to provide detailed sales order information.

OrderLookAPI / OrderSearchAPI is a RESTful API to query the status of each shipment related to a sales order or customer purchase order number.

A real-time request that allows a customer to query Ingram Micro for Invoice information for a specific open or shipped order in the past 9 months.

Use webhooks as a method to notify your apps and customers with real-time order status information.

ThirdPartyManagement API is a RESTful API for third party integrators to create developer accounts and apps in Ingram Micro’s API platform and enable APIs for those apps. Customer credentials can be requested via a single API call rather than using the developer portal.


If you are ready to automate your business using our eCommerce APIs, you can sign-up for our self-service Developer portal. After being granted access you will be able to use the sandbox environment and start testing APIs. When you are happy with the results you can move to production at your own discretion.

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