SuperStore Video-Tutorials

We’ve released a series of video tutorials to help you get started with our IM Superstore. This page and the tutorials are updated regularly.

Click on any of the videos below and stay up to date on new videos and new features!

Add Your Own Branding

Learn how to customize your site and your template by adding your own branding.

  • Change the color (00:13)
  • Change the font (01:15)
  • Change Slider type (01:45)
  • Add your own Logo (02:20)
How To Access Admin Panel

Get access to the administration page of your site and start setting it up.

How to change the template

Change the default template and choose the one which fits for your website. You'll learn how to pick another one in less than one minute.

How To Work with Plugins

Powerful plugins that will make your site look very professional and are very easy to configure.

  • Anywhere Slider (00:09)
  • Setting up Carousels and Recommended Products (03:00)
  • Quick Tabs (06:18)
  • Product Ribbons (08:30)
Modifying and Creating Pages

Modify existing pages and create new.

  • Edit existing pages (00:20)
  • Change the order of page elements (04:15)
  • Show or Hide pages in Header & Footer (04:50)
  • Create new pages (05:32)