EDI Solution

Ingram Micro’s EDI capabilities support business processes and system integration with our partners. An automated integration will deliver cost reduction and process improvement of day-to-day business activity.

The EDI transactions allow seamless integration of the order process from the customer to Ingram Micro. Data and process flows can be incorporated into a customer’s financial and ordering system.

Ingram Micro uses EDIFACT D97A as standard but other EDIFACT and X12 standards can be easily accommodated if required.

The EDIFACT PRICAT transaction provides pricing information on a daily basis. Full files are typically sent weekly with daily delta files.

The EDIFACT ORDERS transaction can be used to create orders in the Ingram Micro ERP systems. Orders are loaded on receipt unless the system is unavailable in which case they are queued and processed at the earliest opportunity.

The EDIFACT ORDRSP message will provide feedback on the outcome of the order received via the EDIFACT ORDERS transaction and the current status of the order in the Ingram Micro ERP system. An immediate response will be sent on receipt of an EDI order. Daily updates can also be provided.

The EDIFACT DESADV transaction provides notification of orders shipped from the Ingram Micro distribution centres. The content includes information relating to shipments including product, quantity, serial numbers, shipping address details and carrier tracking details. This is a near realtime transaction that is delivered on shipment of the order.

The EDIFACT INVOIC transaction contains financial information relating to order invoiced by Ingram Micro and reflects the information included in standard paper invoices. Invoices are issued daily during the overnight batch process. It is recommended that the paper invoices should be retained for legal purposes.