XML Order Status

There are two options for inquiring about the status of a customer order. Order Status Request and Order Status Push. 

Order Search Request mode will allow partners to search for orders using specific criteria and will return status information such as status code, total amount, ship to information.

Order Status Push is the best way for customers to be updated of the status of their orders.  A transaction is pushed to the customer when specific events happen to each order.  Implementing this transaction removes the need for customers to constantly check the status of their order as Ingram Micro can inform them automatically as soon as it changes.

Order Status is sent to the customer when specified events occur to an order. Events such as invoicing, ETA change on backorders and order voiding are examples of events that can happen to an order that could result in an s Order Status Push transaction being sent to the customer.

The customer must provide a postback URL to which the transaction is to be posted.

For Benelux countries use: Benelux-Genesis files
For rest of EMEA use: IM-XML files