Ingram Micro is changing the way it submits Price Files to its partner servers. This affects only external FTP/SFTP servers we are sending files to. The following changes will take place:

  • On 30th of June 2022 the ISP hosting our server will change and we will be issued an new external IP address. Partners working with IP whitelisting will have to add the below to their firewalls exclusion list:
    • - or
  • On 31st of July 2022 new security rules will be implemented on the way we submit files to external servers:
    • FTP protocol and port 21 will not be allowed anymore.
    • SFTP protocol running on non-standard port (22) will need to be whitelisted and security approved from our side.

Note: If you are not able to switch to SFTP by the end of July 2022 your Price File service will be terminated and you will no longer receive files to your server. If you wish to continue using this service you may request to fetch the files directly from Ingram Micro SFTP server. Please reach out to us and we will set them up.





EMEA Partner Connectivity Group