FTP Product Price Files & Business Report Access

Ingram Micro is moving to a secure method for delivery of partner plain text product catalog price files and business reports. To provide best-in-class secured communication channels, Ingram Micro plans to discontinue the support for FTP protocol and transition to Secure FTP (SFTP).

This will change how you will need to access your price files and various business reports currently within Ingram Micro FTP server folders.

If you are connecting to Ingram Micro using either of the 2 below old URL’s, you will be impacted and must transition to the new protocol and new URL listed. This will also have an affect on your credentials and you should request new password.

  • Old Protocol
    Old URL
  • FTP (port 21)
  • FTP (port 21)
  • New Protocol
    New URL
  • SFTP (port 22)
New Login Credentials & SFTP Access
  1. Please fill in the below form to request new credentials. Your username will remain the same
    1. For security purposes our eCommerce support team will validate your account & contact information. A valid corporate email address will be required. If this isn’t available, we will need to take further steps to validate your association with the company being represented. The validation process can take up to 7 days.
    2. Your new credentials will be generated. Two separate emails will be sent:

First email: Username (will remain the same)

Second email: Password

Keep in mind that your new credentials will be sent only after validation.

If your Price File has been disabled due to inactivity your username might change also.

  1. Use your new SFTP credentials to log into the new SFTP folder.
    1. If your system/environment is not able to automatically access our SFTP certificate, you will be able to download it after submitting the form.
  2. Before your customer folder included just your custom Price File. Going forward it will also include all additional files generated by Ingram Micro.
    Please make sure you update any scripts that you might have for picking up these files. After migrating you will have multiple files in your folder. 
  3. The Hourly Stock file will be placed in a separate folder called "AVAIL". It will be located in your customer folder. Again please make sure you update any scripts that you might have for picking up these files.

Any partners using FTP from a browser would have to switch to SFTP enabled tools like Winscp, FileZilla etc. List of algorithms supported are available here. Kindly ensure your system supports these algorithms and ciphers.

Transition Window

Your files are now available on the new SFTP platform. Ingram Micro is providing a 3-month window for you to accomplish the transition. Please take steps to transition as soon as possible to avoid business interruption.

• Your shift to the new SFTP location must be performed between the below dates:

May 3, 2021 – July 30, 2021

• After July 30, 2021, your previous FTP folder access will be discontinued and deleted

Should you have question or require additional support please do not hesitate to contact us.


EMEA Partner Connectivity Group